Cam Davis

Growing and maintaining a sustainable business during 2020 has not been an easy task, it’s easy to get swamped trying to do everything yourself.

I’ve found it crucial to my success to build up a team of people to help guide and grow the business.

It gives us confidence knowing we are making well informed and educated decisions, as well as freeing up my time to focus on the things that we do best.

Financial Integrity has played a huge role in not only guiding the company’s growth but also insuring that risks are minimised and cover is in place where needed.

Situations that have risen this year have shown us how important it is to have insurances to protect against unforeseen events.

Not only have we been protected but we have also saved money on all our policies when we switched over to Financial Integrity Group.

The team are super friendly and go out of their way to ensure a high level of service is insured.

Looking forward to the years ahead!

Cam Davis | Director rawpro media.