Anne Jenkins

“I commenced the business in 1990, providing training in professional writing skills and related topics for the Federal and State Government and the private sector. Major clients are the Department of Human Services, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, and the Australian Public Service Commission. Over the years we have worked with the majority of government departments and agencies and continue to develop our courses to suit the needs of our clients.

I came into contact with the Managing Director of Financial Integrity Group Jason Hedlund in 1996. At that time life was pretty hectic, managing the business and family, and as a consequence, my personal finances were being neglected. Financial Integrity Group set me on a path which was specifically intended to assist me to best utilise the surplus cash flow from the business to prepare me for a comfortable retirement. Over the years there were changes to my personal and business circumstances and to the market and the overall economy. Financial Integrity Group advised not only on the allocation of my investments, but also assisted me with my workers compensation, professional indemnity and business insurance.

They were an integral part of my succession planning by: helping me to consider the different options and time frames to transition me out of the company; identifying and selling underperforming assets and advising me on how to achieve a comfortable retirement income stream net of tax. I have always found the staff at Financial Integrity Group, both in the financial and insurance departments to be very knowledgeable, professional, approachable and helpful. I am comfortable in retirement in the knowledge that Financial Integrity Group are across any issues that may be relevant to my specific circumstances and will continue to be proactive and protect my money, come what may.”

Anne Jenkin, former Managing Director of Anne Jenkin Associates PTY LTD Trading as Communication Know How