Business Insurance with Financial Integrity

Insurance is an unavoidable part of owning a business, so it’s important to get it right. We offer transparent and personalised business insurance services and solutions, tailored to your business needs. From every agreement signed, every dollar spent, and every claim filed, our qualified team will guide you through insurance policies, procedures, contract renewals and more, ensuring you are always up to date. We’re planning for the future, so that whatever life throws at you, you and your business are always prepared.

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When is the right time to see an insurance broker?

You are growing your business

As your business begins to grow, it can be an exciting and busy time. However, as the size of your business increases so does your exposure to risk. A broker ensures that as your business grows, your cover supports and protects you in the process.

Opening or acquiring another business

A new business, in a new area can exposure you to an array of new risks. Having the advice behind you to understand what these new risks might be and how to address them peace of mind and security going forward.

Market changes

With changes in legislation, markets, product offerings and the occurrence of natural disasters Insurance markets are in a constant state of change. What might be the best option one year, can quickly become obsolete or no longer competitive. As part of our process, we review your insurances ever year to ensure you are continuing to get the best cover available to you and your business.

You are taking on new contracts

As the scope of your business activities increases, so does the scope of risks that you may be exposed to. It’s important to review your policies to ensure that your new activities are covered.

You haven’t reviewed in a while

As the scope of your business activities increases, so does the scope of risks that you may be exposed to. It’s important to review your policies to ensure that your new activities are covered.

You have never used a broker

Why would you go through a broker instead of direct? Ask for a quote and find out. Not only can an insurance broker provide more competitive prices, they can also provide peace of mind. A broker is able to tailor a policy to your needs, meaning that your unique business has an equally unique policy supporting it.

Working with our Team

Financial Integrity Group has built a strong reputation serving clients since 1992, both here in the ACT and across Australia. The business has evolved and grown, but has always continued to provide a personalised service.

Through working with businesses across a wide range of industries, we are experienced in identifying risks that are specific to your business – and can quickly find the right policy options to match.

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We use our negotiating power – to get competitive prices for you

Financial Integrity Group is a part of Australia’s largest network of Authorised brokers (Community Broker Network). Through our size, we have the power to negotiate on your behalf, securing:

  • More competitive prices
  • Better policy terms.

That means broader coverage, and policies tailored to you or your business. With the strength of Australia’s largest network behind you, you can feel confident your future is secure.

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Our ongoing commitment to you

Nothing brings our team greater joy then seeing those we work for succeed. We want to assist, by ensuring that you can concentrate on your business with a clear mind. We make it our priority to be in constant communication with not only you, but with insurers and industry experts, keeping on top of:

  • Changes to your business
  • New and potential risks
  • Industry changes to regulations and requirements

As your business adapts and alters, financial integrity will ensure that your protection follows suit.

If insurance is not only a concern, but a concerning cost, contact our dedicated team for a free review and quote.

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Areas of operation

With a wealth of experience built from almost 30 years in financial services, we pride ourselves on our ability to assist in all areas of General Insurance, including:

  • Commercial Packages
  • Workers Compensation
  • Public and Products Liability
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Association Liability
  • Directors and Officers
  • Management Liability
  • Industrial Special Risks
  • Contract Works
  • Builders Home Owners Warranty
  • Commercial/personal Motor Vehicle
  • Home and Contents
  • Farm packages
  • Cyber Risks Liability

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