Why should you talk to Financial Integrity Money?

You could, of course, do your own research on the internet these days, but there is no substitute for an experienced Finance Specialist. We deal with loans, banks and lenders all day every day. It's a mammoth task to compare hundreds of different loan products. You also need to know each financial institution's lending policies. We will also liaise with all parties from the time of submission through to approval and settlement.

Do many people use a finance specialist?

Today over 50% of all loan applications are introduced to lenders by a broker. The reason for this is simple. We understand loans and the loan process. Not all banks and lenders are the same, and each one has their own unique loan products and lending policies.

Is there any charge for your service?

There is no charge for our broking service. We receive a commission from the lender you choose every time we introduce settled loan business. This allows the service we provide to be free to you. Our commissions are always disclosed so you can have complete confidence that we are committed to fully disclosing all financial arrangements associated with your loan.

I want to purchase an investment property in another state - can you help me?

Yes we are not restricted to area. We can arrange your loan for property in any state of Australia. This includes residential, rural, and commercial properties.

If I refinance can I buy shares or another property?

Yes you can. If you have equity in your home you can use that equity to purchase shares, buy another property, a car, boat, home improvements or even that once in a lifetime holiday.

Why should I use a Finance Consultant rather than go directly to the bank?

Choice!! If you deal directly with the bank you are restricted to their products and policies alone. We can provide you with a comprehensive and accurate comparison between our panel of banks, building societies and loan providers to help you fully understand some of the features and pitfalls before you sign a contract.

Which lenders do you deal with?

We are accredited with over 25 different lenders, so you have plenty to choose from.  Every  borrower is different and every lender's policy and loan products are different. We use powerful software and our own expertise to match your needs with the most suitable lender.