Why would I use a broker?

Not all policies are alike. As your broker, we are able to recommend policies that actually suit your protection needs. We also assist with any claims that arise, ensuring a smooth claims process.  When you place your polices through us, we are able to provide you with quotations from a wide range of insurers, to make sure you are getting the best coverage and price possible.

Why shouldn’t I deal directly with the insurers myself?

For a whole host of business and personal use items insurance is not available through direct market. Examples include more complex Professional Indemnity policies and Management Liability. We also have the negotiation power to obtain your required cover on favourable terms, such as by providing financing. We make sure the insurance definition (what it actually covers) is what you actually need.

How do I know which type of insurance policy will suit me best?

This area is where we add the most value to our clients. We are qualified to thoroughly assess the scope of business and personal insurance needs, and recommend what is required to be protected.

Should I simply look for the cheapest policy?

Our experience is that each business is fairly unique and requires customisation to achieve the required protection. The policy definitions vary significantly between insurers, even with personal insurances. If you simply decide on a policy based on its cheap price, you are taking the risk of not being covered in key areas.

 Talk to us so we can explain how to achieve required cover.

What services or insurances can you provide?

As an Authorised Representative of Community Broker Network, we have access to a broad range of general insurance products from over 140 insurers. These range from

Personal and Domestic Insurances, such as Home and Contents insurance, Motor Vehicle insurance, Workers Compensation; to more complex insurances such as Contract Works, Liability, Business Packs and Business Interruption. 

How do I get a Quote?

All you need to do is contact one of our friendly brokers and request quotes for the insurance you need, and we will guide you through the rest of the process. You can contact us at insurance@financialintegrity.com.au or by calling 6175 9800. 

What happens if I need to make a claim?

The process for claim lodgment will depend on the type of insurance, the circumstances and the insurer. For example, Workers Compensation claims need to be notified to the insurer within 48 hours of an incident occurring, and Professional Indemnity claims can require the insurer to organise a defence on your behalf. You should make contact with us as soon as possible after a loss event occurs so that we can organise your claim for you.

I have had a claim. Can I still get insurance?

In most circumstances, we will be able to obtain insurance if you have had a claim. Call us so we can assess how we could be of assistance.

What is a 'PDS' - Product Disclosure Statement?

The PDS is a document issued by the insurer that details information about the policy, and is a specific requirement by ASIC. This includes information about the insurer, significant benefits and features, things that are not covered, significant risks and other important information. You should carefully read the PDS prior to making a decision about purchasing an insurance policy.