I established Financial Integrity Group in 1992.

Through working closely with other professionals, Financial Integrity Group has become one of Australia's most prominent and respected financial service and advice providers.

Financial Integrity Group has achieved impressive growth by providing clients with innovative and practical solutions supported by a superior offering to our clients.

"Financial Integrity Group Pty Ltd is continually committed to being the financial advice provider of choice for Australians. I give my personal guarantee that our aim is to achieve perfection in both service and advice."

These principles encompass but are not limited to:

   - Keeping up to date with legislative change;
   - Being accessible;
   - Hiring the best in the industry;
   - Understanding clients should never wait;
   - Enthusiasm and a focus on your numbers;
   - Work coopoeratively with our clients' accountants, lawyers, insurers etc. and to deliver accurate and relevant guidance. 

"Since starting the business our guiding principles are that we work hard for the people that pay our wages, our clients."

These principles have driven Financial Integrity Group's growth from inception until today. 

Jason Hedlund
Founder and Managing Director
Financial Integrity Group



Financial Services and Credit Guide- V9.0 15 June 2020 - Corporate.pdf [PDF Document, 600.91 KB]

Financial Services Guide - General Insurance - V11.pdf [PDF Document, 62.04 KB] 

Always with you,
Since 1992